5. Paperhelp Review

About this company

This is another essay writing company that has been operating for a couple of years now and many students have benefited from its services. Paperhelp provides writing services to students all over the world and their reputation has always been great. Even though their website is not designed in a professional way compared to other essay writing websites such as EssayCyber.com, it is still possible to read and understand the information on their home page about the services they provide. I decided to order some few papers from this company and the following is what I managed to find out;

  1. Paper Quality

    For unbiased and genuine reviews like the ones I write, one must order papers from the specific company and then the results of those papers can help in writing a review. I ordered a 5 pages history papers from paperhelp and the results were not all that bad. Even though the writer failed to meet my expectations I decided I could work with what I received. The writer had managed to understand my simple instructions but the grammar and expression of his points was not all that professional. However, I really appreciated the effort that the writer had put in working on my paper.

  2. Delivery
  3. My paper was delivered some few minutes past the deadline but I was in contact with the writer. The writer had explained to me in advance that he was having some power problems and the paper would be late for some minutes of which I was okay. I always make sure that I give a shorter deadline than the due one so that in case the writer is not able to provide the paper or the paper needs some amendments, I can always have enough time to work on everything.

  4. Support Team
  5. The support team at paperhelp is kind and helpful. Even though they do not reply to clients messages instantly, they will at last make a response. If only they can be faster when replying to customers’ issues, this support team can be the best.

My conclusion

Paperhelp is not a bad writing company and one may decide to give them a chance. However, it is always a wise decision to compare this company with the others that have been reviewed in this blog so that to make an informed decision. On my opinion, I believe that an essay writing service such as EssayCyber.com is a perfect choice to help with your assignments.